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MFI404 Melting flow tester (Touching screen)

MFI series Melt Flow Index Tester/Extrusion Plastometer. 
They are suitable to measure the melt flow character of PP, PE, PVC, POM, ABS etc., plastic materials resin and granules.

Principle:  The melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) are determined by extruding molten material from the cylinder of a plastometer through a die of specified length and diameter under preset conditions of temperature and load.

Feature of MFI404:
Touching screen, both MFR/MVR test method, motorized cutting, with micro-printer, show the temperature VS Time graph.

Test Procedure:
Approximately 7 grams of the material is loaded into the barrel of the melt flow apparatus, which has been heated to a temperature specified for the material. A weight specified for the material is applied to a plunger and the molten material is forced through the die. A timed extrudate is collected and weighed. Melt flow rate values are calculated in g/10 min. 

Specimen size:
At least 14 grams of material;

Flow rate = ( 600/t x weight of extrudate ) 
t = time of extrudate in seconds
melt flow rate = g/10 min.

Other name:
Melt flow index testing equipment; melting flow indexer; melt indexer iso 1133; digital melt flow rate tester; quality melt flow index testing machine; melt flow index astm; plastic Melting Flow Index tester

Model MFI404
Temperature range Ambient temperature to 400℃ stepless adjustable, fixed point temperature control
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Weight 8 levels, total 21.6kg mass
Measuring method & range MFR (0.1-100)g/10min
MVR(0.01-350) cm3/10min
Heating power 450W
Extruding part spec. :  
(1), Inner diameter of die φ2.095±0.005mm
(2), Length of die 8.000±0.025mm
(3), Inner diameter of filling canister Φ9.550±0.025mm
Weight Frame: 30kg
Standard weights: 25kg
Power 220V, 50HZ/110V, 60HZ
Display Toruching screen display temperature, time, sampling number, temperature VS time curve etc.
Micro-printer YES
Specimen cutting mode Automatic & Manual both mode
Other model: 

1, MFI401 Digital display, economical type, manual cutting, only MFR test method;
2, MFI402 LCD display, economical type, motorized cutting, only MFR test method;
3, MFI403 LCD display, motorized cutting, both MFR/MVR test method;
4, MFI405 Computer controlled melt flow index tester, analysis temperature-time curve, print test report ( test data, curve etc.,).

Comparison table:   

Model MFI401 MFI402 MFI403 MFI404 MFI405
Display Digital LCD LCD Touching screen Computer
Printer No Micro-printer Micro-printer Micro-printer A4 paper Printer
Specimen cutting Manual Automatic Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic Manual/Automatic
Test curve No No No No Yes

Item Quantity
Frame 1 set
Die (φ2.095) tungsten carbide material 1 pc
No. 1 weight (piston rod + weight tray):  325g 1 pc
No. 2 weight: 875g 1 pc
No. 3 weight: 1835g 1 pc
No. 4 weight: 3475g 1 pc
No. 5 weight: 4675g 1 pc
No. 6 weight: 5000g 1 pc
No. 7 weight: 2500g 1 pc
No. 8 weight: 2915g 1 pc
Scraper 1 pc
Sample loading hopper 1 pc
Water level 1 pc
Die cleaning rod 1 pc
Cylinder cleaning rod 1 pc
Sample loading rod 1 pc
Sample plate 1 pc
Electric wire 1 pc
Cleaning gauze and gloves 1 pc
Accessories containing case 1 pc
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)
ISO 1133  "Plastics - Determination of the Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume-Flow Rate (MVR) of Thermoplastics”
ASTM D1238  "Standard Test Method for Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer“
ASTM D3364 (for PVC), BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210
MFI404 Melt Flow Index Test Touching Screen Introduction Video
MFI404 Melt Flow Indexer Test Opeation Video
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