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JB-300B/JB-500B Dial Display Impact Tester

The Charpy impact test, also known as the Charpy V-notch test, is a standardized high strain-rate test which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. This absorbed energy is a measure of a given material's notch toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent ductile-brittle transition. It is widely applied in industry, since it is easy to prepare and conduct and results can be obtained quickly and cheaply.

United Test Pendulum Impact Testing Machine mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron material and their alloy, under dynamic load impacting. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise. The machine can do the test according to ASTM E23 and ISO 148 or other equal standards.

The energy capacity can be from 50J, 150J, 250J, 500J to 750J or even more according customer requirement. With dial display, touching screen type, computer control type etc., can be operated semi-automatically or fully automatic sample feeding. Or Instrumented chieve parameter of Impact velocity, impact time, impact energy, absorb energy, displacement, crack forming energy, crack extension energy, yield load, yield time, peak load, time of peak load, displacement of peak load, energy of peak load, unstable crack extension start load, unstable crack extension stop load, unstable crack extension start energy etc.

The Charpy Impact Test is commonly used on metals, but is also applied to composites, ceramics and polymers. With the Charpy impact test one most commonly evaluates the relative toughness of a material, and as such, it is used as a quick and economical quality control device.



Charpy sample

The standard Charpy Impact Test specimen consist of a bar of metal, or other material, 55x10x10mm having a notch machined across one of the larger dimensions.

V-notch: 2mm deep, with 45° angle and 0.25mm radius along the base
U-notch and keyhole notch: 5mm deep notch with 1mm radius at base of notch

1), Pendulum rising, impact, free releasing is realized as automatically by remote control box;
2), Safety pin guaranties the impact action, standard protection shell to avoid any accident
3), Pendulum will automatically rising and ready for next impact action after specimen breakout
4), With two pendulums (big and small) and corresponding two Dial scales to read test result.

Model JB-300B JB-500B JB-750B
Display mode Dial scale display
Impact energy 300J/150J 500J/250J 750J
Distance between pendulum center to impact point 750mm 800mm 750mm
Impact velocity 5.2m/s 5.4m/s 5.24 m/s
Pendulum preparing angle 150º
Span of specimen seat 40+0.2mm
Round angle radius of Grips R1-1.5mm
Round angle radius of striking edge R2-2.5mm, R8±0.08mm
Angle of impact knife 30°
Specimen size 10 (7.5, 5, 2.5)mm*10mm*55mm
Power supply 3 phases 4 lines, 50Hz, 380V
Weight 550Kg 850Kg 2400Kg
High Stiffness Frame 1 set
Large pendulum 1 set
Small pendulum 1 set
Motor (on the loadframe) 1 set
Rising pendulum driving device (on the loadframe) 1 set
Automatic hitch pendulum device (on the loadframe) 1 set
Safety pin (on the loadframe) 1 set
Manual control box 1 set
Supporting seat span adjusting device (L=40) 1 set
Specimen center device ( L=40 V.U type) 1 set
Safety cover 1 set
Device to dismantle pendulum 1 set
Terra anchor bolts (M16×300) 1 set
Documents (Manual, packing list, certificate)

ASTM E23 “Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials”

ISO 148 “Metallic materials -- Charpy pendulum impact test”

BS EN 10045 “Charpy impact test on metallic materials. Test method (V- and U-notches)”

GOST 9454 “Metals. Method for testing the impact strength at the low, room and high temperature”
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