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ZXQ-5 Metallographic Automatic Mounting Press

    Specimen mounting process is to make various shape and size sample more convenient to use in subsequent sample preparation steps, or achieve demanded surface, protect and preserve edge and surface. In modern metallographic laboratory, all grinding and polishing machine require a certained sample size, then it's necessary to mount press the sample.

    ZXQ-5 is a automatic metallographic mounting press, with inlet and outlet water cooling function, suitable for all kinds of material (thermosetting and thermoplasticity) hot mounting press. Preset the parameter like heating temperature, holding time, load etc., put sample and mounting consumable, close the cover, just press the "start" button, this instrument will automatically complete the mounting press. Easy to change 4 kinds of mold, and it can mount two samples at once. Digital display, water cooling system.
Mould specification φ25mm φ30mm φ40mm φ50mm
Temperature range 0~300℃
Power 220V, 50HZ
Pressure range 0~2MPa (Sample preparation: 0~72MPa)
Temperature holding 0~99min99sec
Weight 110Kg
Dimension 615×510×500mm
Suitable to press the irregular shape, small metallographic sample;  Automatic press, click one key then start the process;
With four kinds mould changeable;
Can press two sample at same time. 
Mold ( φ25mm、φ30mm、φ40mm、φ50mm)
Phenolic resin
Hexagon spanner
Terra bolt
Oil scale
Inlet water pipe
Outlet water pipe
Operation manual

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