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Metallographic equipment consumables

Supply wide range consumable material for grinding, polishing and mounting press.

Diamond Disc, Diamond cutting disk, Metallographic sand paper, Abrasive pastes, polishing powder, polishing agent, Mounting press consumable
Name Description Specification Package
cutting disk
Saw is made by edge electroplate technology, widely used for ceramic, glass, alloy etc., thin piece precision cutting.   Φ100×0.4×12.7mm In bulk
Φ150×0.4×12.7mm In bulk
Saw is made by edge sintered technology, with high precision, long life character. Used for hard alloy, brittle metal etc. precision cutting. Φ100×0.5×12.7mm In bulk
Φ125×0.5×25.4mm In bulk
Φ150×0.6×25.4mm In bulk
Φ200×1×25.4mm In bulk
Φ200×1×32mm In bulk
Cooling lubricating liquid. With high cooling, lubricating, anti-rust ability. 1:20concentrated liquid, use water to dilute. 1000ml/bottle
Sand paper:

Name Description Granularity Specification Package
Waterproof sand paper Black silicon carbide, uniform and durable 240#,400#,600#,800#,
Φ200mm with gum 50pc/case
240#,400#,600#,800#,1000# Φ250mm no gum 100pc/case
240#,400#,600#,800#,1000# Φ300mm no gum 100pc/case
Metallographic sand paper Green silicon carbide, uniform, dry and wet. 120#~4000# Φ200mm with gum 50pc/case
Φ200mm no gum 50pc/case
Polishing Wave:
Material With gum No gum package
Velvet Φ200mm Φ250mm 15pcs/case
Panne velvet Φ200mm Φ250mm 15pcs/case
Worsted Φ200mm Φ250mm 15pcs/case
Canvas Φ200mm Φ250mm 15pcs/case
Wool felt Φ200mm Φ250mm 15pcs/case
Velvet Φ250mm Φ300mm 15pcs/case
Panne velvet Φ250mm Φ300mm 15pcs/case
Worsted Φ250mm Φ300mm 15pcs/case
Canvas Φ250mm Φ300mm 15pcs/case
Wool felt Φ250mm Φ300mm 15pcs/case
Mounting press consumables:
Urea-formaldehyde molding powder White, for general sample preparation. 4kg/barel
Bakelite owder Black, for general sample preparation. 4kg/barel
Hot mounting press inlay Red, for electric conduction sample, like electron microscope, electrochemical polishing. 500g/bottle
Hot mounting press inlay Green, for high requirement for sample edge 500g/bottle
Cold mounting press inlay Semitransparent, for can not heating sample or no mounting press equipment place 500g/bottle (cold mounting powder); 500ml/bottle (cold mounting liquid); Φ30mm(1 pc cold mounting mold)
Crystal inlay Transparent, for can not heating sample or no mounting press equipment place 1000ml/bottle(cold mounting liquid),50ml/bottle(Curing agent);Φ30mm(1 pc cold mounting mold)
Cold mounting press mold Can repeatable use Φ20mm,Φ40mm,Φ50mm,40×25mm
Cold mounting press mold Can repeatable use Φ25mm,Φ30mm
Mounting press sample holder Plastic 500pc/bag
Release agent For hot mounting press and cold mounting  mold demould. 350ml/bottle
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